Xiaowei Zhou


Zhejiang University

About Me

I am a Research Professor in the College of Computer Science & the State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG at Zhejiang University. Before joining ZJU in 2017, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the GRASP Laboratory at University of Pennsylvania.

My research areas interests span the fields of computer vision, graphcis, and machine learning, with applications in augmented reality and robotics. I am looking for students, postdocs and research assistants (ad), please drop me an email if you are interested in working with me.

Recent News

  • Invited talk at the 3DGV seminar. (Read More)
  • EasyMocap v0.1 released, checked it out! (Read More)
  • NeuralBody and NeuralRecon selected as CVPR'21 Best Paper Candidates.
  • Join the editorial board of International Journal of Computer Vision.
  • I will serve as an area chair of ICCV 2021 and CVPR 2021.

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Fast and Robust Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation and Tracking from Multiple Views thumbnail loading...
Junting DongQi FangWen JiangYurou YangQixing HuangHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Sida Peng*Junting Dong*Qianqian WangShangzhan ZhangQing ShuaiHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Jiaming Sun*Yiming Xie*Siyu ZhangLinghao ChenGuofeng ZhangHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Sida PengYuanqing ZhangYinghao XuQianqian WangQing ShuaiHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
CVPR2021  Best Paper Candidate
Jiaming Sun*Yiming Xie*Linghao ChenXiaowei ZhouHujun Bao
CVPR2021  Oral Presentation and Best Paper Candidate
Qi Fang*Qing Shuai*Junting DongHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
CVPR2021  Oral Presentation
Jiaming Sun*Zehong Shen*Yuang Wang*Hujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Shape Prior Guided Instance Disparity Estimation for 3D Object Detection thumbnail loading...
Linghao Chen*Jiaming Sun*Yiming XieSiyu ZhangQing ShuaiQinhong JiangGuofeng ZhangHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Sida Peng*Xiaowei Zhou*Yuan LiuHaotong LinQixing HuangHujun Bao
Junting Dong*Qing Shuai*Yuanqing ZhangXian LiuXiaowei ZhouHujun Bao
ECCV2020  Oral Presentation
Jianan Zhen*Qi Fang*Jiaming SunWentao LiuWei JiangHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
Learning Feature Descriptors using Camera Pose Supervision thumbnail loading...
Qianqian WangXiaowei ZhouBharath HariharanNoah Snavely
Deep Snake thumbnail loading...
Sida PengWen JiangHuaijin PiXiuli LiHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou
CVPR2020  Oral Presentation
Coherent Reconstruction of Multiple Humans from a Single Image thumbnail loading...
Wen JiangNikos KolotourosGeorgeios PavlakosXiaowei ZhouKostas Daniilidis
Yuan LiuZehong ShenZhixuan LinSida PengHujun BaoXiaowei Zhou