Looking for self-motivated students, postdocs and research assistants.

The 3D Vision Group at the State Key Lab of CAD&CG is looking for self-motivated graduate students, postdocs, undergraduate interns and full-time research assistants who are interested in doing research in computer vision and machine learning as well as related applications.

We are working on a variety of interesting projects aimed to teach computers and robots to see and understand the 3D world, not only recovering the geometry of the scene, but also recognizing the objects and humans in the scene, recovering their poses and motions, understanding their activities, and forecasting their future behaviors. These projects develop key technologies for many AI applications such as robotics, autonomous driving, augmented reality and medical image analysis.

Besides academic training and hardware/computing resources, we will provide a variety of opportunities including publishing papers in top conferences & journals (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, T-PAMI), collaborating with research groups in top oversea universities (e.g. UPenn, UT Austin) and internship at well-known research labs in industry (e.g. SenseTime, Alibaba, Google), all of which we hope will prepare you for a research career in AI related areas.

You will also have the opportunity to work with a group of the most talented and diligent students at ZJU, most of which are from the CKC Honors College and winners of the National Scholarship.

Please send your resume to xwzhou@zju.edu.cn if you are interested.